hi guyz


I give you all permission to slap me in the face. I forgot about this community, I won't lie. BUT I am here posting, I'm going to find us a sexy layout and get us werqin'.

I have a cool story to get this place moving.

My friend's highschool has a large anime club now, and one of the girl's has a friend and her mom is Linda Ballantyne! The #3rd voice of Sailor Moon in our dub! They got her to come in during lunch and answer questions, talk to the students, and you could get her autograph.
Having 7 Sailor Moon tattoos and not even being a student at that school got me an advantage though. She brought a script from the S series, and gave it to me! I died! Life goal = complete.
She was amazed by all my Moonie tats and took some photos with them to keep for herself.
Here's a photo of me and her (she's very attractive, btw)
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And this past summer I got to meet Megumi Ogata (Japanese Uranus) at Fan Expo! Weeee.

BTW. I am Justin. 19 year old gay dude, living in Tdot! Feel free to post your sales, and where to buy SM stuff in Canada! Let's get this shenanigans going!
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